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Personalized Experience: 1 professor for every 8 students

  • 480 hours over 3 months
  • Monday – Friday
  • 9 AM – 6 PM New York time

  • Course duration (4months, 220 hours)
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday
  • 6 PM – 10 PM/ 10 AM – 6 PM New York time

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What will you learn

  • Understand the issues, objectives and techniques of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
  • Master the main statistical and computer tools in Data Science.
  • Acquire the main techniques of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks.
  • Master AI Technologies Specific to Image, Video and Voice Processing.
  • Orchestrate AI Innovation.
  • Analyze various AI business cases with industry experts.

Some of Our Supporting Entreprises Around the World

Supporting enterprises around the world

Our Success Stories

Praneeth Varma Alluri, Junior Data Scientist at Formation (Silicon Valley start-up)

"I have learnt a lot in the bootcamp, not only knowledge about data analysis and machine learning but also practice experiences. The teachers and staffs worked very hard in teaching and helping me get a job, I really appreciate it!"




Gabriel Toban, Data Science & ML Leader at Sleep Centers of Middle Tennessee

"The boot camp helped me gain a stronger understanding of AI algorithms, tools, and applications in the workforce today. The algorithms and tools are the most popular in use around the world making my skillset much more relevant and reliable. I have even been able to apply some of what I learned in research."




Fanbo Meng, Data Scientist at The AI Institute

“The boot camp helped me to improve my understanding of various algorithms by making me code them from scratch without using any preexisting libraries. The breadth of the concepts covered helped me to get an overall idea of how to look and deal with real-world data science problems and enabled me to answer interview questions with confidence."




Shivam Gupta, Artificial Intelligence Fellow at Insight Data Science

I was fellow at AI institute in January - March session. I would like to thank you for the very helpful course in Data Science. Here I am writing a review for the course. The course material was well organized and it helped students to learn from basic even without early training in data science. However, I feel like covering basics in data science is not enough for data scientists in industry. I think after a month of basics we should have a well-defined project ( for every student / can work in the group too). Since students are new to the field they do not have much idea about the application so AI institute can collaborate with startups to acquire some real project which can be distributed among students. From an industry perspective, making a model and improving the model is as important as serving the model. So I think the project should be end-to-end based where a student can host their model on AWS and serve the model through API (Flask, EC2 instances). Having knowledge of the data pipeline is also important for industries. I have acquired a good understanding of Machine Learning through this course. I would like to thank you and the team for helping me all along.




Our Candidate Map



  • Bootcamp in Data Science and AI
  • AI & Deep Learning
  • Masters program - Data Science & AI

Executives in companies and students with a BAC +4/5 in Science or Economics (engineering school, MBA or university masters degree) are legible to sit for the trainings; contact us to check together your background.

  • Bootcamp FT - 3 consecutive months
  • Bootcamp PT - 4 consecutive months
  • Masters Program - 12 consecutive months

  • The certificate could be added to your CV and is valid indefinitely.
  • Masters program is certified by the National Directory of Professional Certifications in France

Artificial Intelligence is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of software or robots able to handle (as for now a limited set of) complex tasks that used to be only doable by human work as it requires analysis of inputs, identifying and learning patterns or implementing complex conditional automated scenarios.

Artificial Intelligence can be used in many areas such as Speech recognition or synthesis, Object recognition, Computer vision, Security, Finance & Insurance, Internet of Things, Biomodeling, Process automation, Autonomous vehicles and transports, Humanoid robot, ...

AI can bring tremendous benefits to every entities:

  • by automating repetitive or sequential tasks or workflows, saving a lot of human time and energy and avoiding carelessness human errors or subjectivity
  • by building meaningful data insights or predictions that would require huge human expert efforts
  • by building interactive interface to engage with customers, employees and enable to automate the handling of the most basic demands and hence let experts focus on the most complex human interactions
  • These benefits can be leveraged in any industry on any activity provided it does not involve too unpredictable or random behavior or interactions.

In order to keep up with today’s world of technological advancements and breakthroughs, Artificial Intelligence should not be only understood and probed at the surface, but should also be looked into and studied in depth as it is a vertical in several industries from information technology, marketing, banking, insurance, customer service, healthcare, etc.

It is predicted that artificial intelligence will automate and potentially eliminate 40 percent of jobs within 15 years, and with the right skills, humans can survive, thrive and stand out in the new age of AI with new job positions and opportunities.

Data Scientist
Business Intelligence Manager
Data Architect
Business Intelligence Architect
Business Engineer
Business Intelligence Developer
Business Intelligence Consultant
Business Intelligence Analyst
Business Analyst
Data Analyst

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Facebook
  • IBM
  • Nvidia
  • Baidu
  • Alibaba
  • Tencent
Then there are a lot of cutting edge startups or companies that are AI leaders in a specific domain, such as Tesla or Intel for autonomous cars, Netflix for movie recommendation, OpenAI and many chinese startups in the security and image recognition field, such as DJI or SenseTime.