Data Science and AI Bootcamp Modules | The AI Institute


A 360° Overview of the Program (480h)

1. Maths foundations: Linear Algebra & Matrices, Probabilities, Statistical tests
2. Data management skills:
a. Statistical programming with R & Data Science fundamentals: data cleaning, regressions, dimension reduction
b. Data management with SQL
3. Big Data Architecture:
a. Hadoop & HDFS
b. Apache Spark
c. AWS, preparation to the Associate Solution Architect AWS certification
(needs prior experience or additional Amazon free training)
4. Programming tools & languages:
a. Git/GitHub
b. Python
c. Programming best practices, algorithms & complexity
IT tools, Maths & Data Management foundations for
Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
1. Supervised Learning methods: linear & logistic regressions, SVM, kNN, decision trees
2. AI & ML API: Google / Amazon / Microsoft ML APIs
3. Unsupervised Learning methods for Clustering
4. AI / ML / DL frameworks & libraries - TensorFlow
5. Deep Learning methods: Neural Networks (NN), Convolutional NN (CNN),
Recurrent NN (RNN), Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM), Auto-encoders, Time-series analysis
6. Reinforcement Learning & Transfer Learning techniques: Discover how to transfer your model from a domain to another similar data domain
7. Mini-project Customer Segmentation (e-Commerce)
8. Mini-project Fraud detection (Banking)
Machine Learning
& Deep Learning techniques
1. Image Processing & Computer Vision: Discover the main Image Processing
AI techniques for Image classification, Image recognition and Computer Vision (with OpenCV)
2. Natural Language Processing (NLP): Names classification (using RNN & Pytorch), Speech recognition & representation (with LibROSA library)
3. Mini-project Medical Diagnosis chatbot
4. Mini-project Computer vision for Autonomous cars
Use AI methods for Image processing
and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
1. HR Interview Preparation
2. Technical Interview Preparation
3. Your personal project!
Personal project & Interview preparation